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MEET KEIGHTY: Introducing Keighty Gallagher - certified personal trainer and founder of Tight Club Athletics in Vancouver, BC. Tight Club Athletics was created with the goal to change the way we think about fitness; from the way we interact with each other while getting our sweat on, to the spaces we throw down in. Tight Club has since evolved into a modern-day collaborative community center, focusing on building and supporting one another through fitness. In Keighty’s words, “The modern athlete needs a team to train with, and that’s exactly what we’re doing at Tight Club.”

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What does babes supporting babes mean to you?

It’s about being kind, open and curious. When you’re in a place of curiosity and kindness, it’s so much easier to see people where they’re at. When you’re able to feel them, you’ll understand what they need, and vice versa.

If you could choose your nickname, what would it be?

Hmmm, that's a hard one. I firmly believe nicknames should only be given - but I’ve always liked Kato.  

What is your spirit animal?

Hyenas - and here’s why…In elementary school when we’d play “Lion King”, the popular girls would always claim Nala and Simba first, leaving me with the hyenas. I wasn’t down at first, but I committed to the character, and soon found some uncanny similarities.

What is your proudest babe moment or achievement?

I get off on all the rad things my team gets up to. When our front desk manager, Jody Okabe was invited to play at The Juno’s, I couldn’t get over how proud I was for her.

What is the most unexpected thing you have in your purse or wallet?

A brochure from the Bunny Ranch. 

Tell us about a time where you were faced with a situation that you could have been unkind, but chose to be a babe instead?

I have these moments every damn day. But you have to realize that no-one responds well to unkindness. You’ll never get anywhere by being a dick. So don’t be a dick.

What product would you seriously stockpile if you found out they weren’t selling anymore?

Anything to do with self-pleasure.

If you had a yacht, what would be the name of it?


What was the best piece of advice you received when you were first starting your career?

Treat your clients as if they were coming into your home.

What is the best piece of advice you have received now that you are in your career?

There’s no I in team. Invest in a diverse team and be open to learn from everyone.

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Red, white, or rose?


When I dance I look like….  

One of those wacky inflatable tube men in front of used car dealerships

Tell us about a Babe who has supported you?

Kat Holmes, hands down. She took me in when I was having a hard time and stood by my side when times got tough. She takes care of me like a mom, looks out for me like a friend, and guides me like a colleague. Love u Kat.

Who do you channel when you’re about to do something that scares you?

My dad.

What is your favorite destination to visit?

Portland in the summer.

What is your favorite meal to eat?

A big bowl of pasta!

What is the most fulfilling part of your career?

Watching my clients grow in all facets of life. Everything from their physical gains to watching friendships form. It’s all about the clients.

Where is your favorite place to draw inspiration from?

I used to say taking classes in big cities like LA or NY bring me the most inspiration, but to be honest, I’ve taken some excellent, freaky and unique classes in small towns like Courtenay that I can pull inspiration from for months.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Nothing. You should never feel guilty about feeling good.

What quality are you working on yourself right now?

I know I’m a hard worker, but something I can be far too hard on myself. CBD seems to help ;)

What is the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome in business?

Divorce and heartbreak.

Coffee meeting or drinks meeting?

Honestly, neither. I have my best meetings on a bike ripping around Stanley Park

If you’re going out for a cocktail you’d order…

Long Island Iced Tea.

If you had an unlimited budget for 2 hours shopping where would you go?

To my Landlord, I want to buy my building and do some cool things with it.

What is your favorite movie?

Romeo and Juliet

Check out our website and put together your favorite outfit!

The blonde rolled cuff joggers in pebble grey, and the blonde socks! I also love the elle velour joggers and the rosie crew!

Keep up with Keighty on Instagram @keightythousand + tightclub
Introduction by Lindsay Pearce
Photography by Ryan Pugsley 


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