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MEET LINDSAY: Lindsay Pleskot is a registered dietitian on a mission to make food feel good. To Lindsay, this means acknowledging foods impact on the body, mind, and soul. On top of that, this ultimate entrepreneur babe recently launched her very own 28-day meal plan, The 3-2-1 Method. This unique meal plan focuses on saving time and transforming your eating habits for good. Through Lindsay's blog, she shares meal plans, recipes, and information on how food can nourish, satisfy, and connect us to one another. Lindsay also hosts educational workshops, and in true babes supporting babes fashion, she loves to collaborate with other local Vancouver bloggers and brands! 

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What does babes supporting babes mean to you?

Recognizing that there is more than enough to go around! We aren’t competing with each other, and when we can celebrate and share the unique talents, skills, and personalities our fellow babes have to offer with our own communities, we are all going to be better off for it! I love seeing all of the amazing things that are happening for all of the women (and men) in my life and I think it is so important to lift each other up!

If you could choose your nickname, what would it be?

My nickname at the bar I worked at through University was Ninja. It kind of stuck and I’m ok with that! 

What is your spirit animal?

 Probably some kind of tropical bird.  I’ve always thought it would be so amazing to be able to fly. It just seems so peaceful up there and must be pretty cool to look at things with a bird’s eye view – would probably put things into perspective on stressful days that it’s not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things! Haha. And the tropical part just because I love the sun, the beach and all things tropical.

What is your proudest babe moment or achievement?

As far as something concrete, creating my 4-week program, The 321 Method. There were a lot of learning curves along the way, but I am super proud of it and how it has been able to change the way my clients think and feel about food and cooking.  

On a less tangible level, I think learning to say no. It can be lonely and scary being an entrepreneur and as I was starting out I was so afraid of saying no to anything for fear of missing out on an opportunity, or people thinking I wasn’t nice, and just the stress of needing to make ends meet!

But I have learned that when your gut says no, or it just doesn’t feel quite right, listen. There will always be another opportunity and by following the ones that really get you excited, that you can’t stop thinking about – it will only continue to lead you in the right direction.

Sorry, that was a long one. Haha

What is the most unexpected thing you have in your purse or wallet? 

Had to look for this one - A fork! Haha. I don’t’ know if that’s expected or unexpected coming from a dietitian

Tell us about a time where you were faced with a situation that you could have been unkind, but chose to be a babe instead?

When I first launched The 321 Method, I got an email from a woman just ripping into me about selling the program. Up until this point, everything on my blog had been free so I could sort of understand her being upset with this, but I had spent over half a year developing it and I knew the content was worth it. My first response was feeling angry and defensive, but I ended up (after a lot of deep breaths and drafts of my response) writing her back with compassion for what she was feeling, explaining why I was selling it and what had gone into creating it. She ended up replying and apologizing, saying that her response was a culmination of other things going on in her life. In the end, rather than leaving us both feeling gross, we were both able to take something from the experience and learn from it.   

What product would you seriously stockpile if you found out they weren’t selling anymore?

This coconut peanut butter I get when I go visit my sis in Hawaii. It is ridiculous! It’s made by a small local company and I’ve never found anything that compares! They usually sell it in little 200g containers but I found a 1kg jar of it and brought it home on my last trip. So good 

If you had a yacht, what would be the name of it? 

The SEAnic Route? I dunno, I’m bad at this. Haha

What was the best piece of advice you received when you were first starting your career?

Listen to that thing that keeps you up at 3 am, the thing you can’t stop thinking about and won’t stop talking about. Don’t do what you think you should, do what you’re passionate about and the rest will follow.

What is the best piece of advice you have received now that you are in your career?

Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.

Don’t wait for perfection or you will never get started! It can be scary to put your work out there, especially when it is so closely tied to who you are but I have learned that people don’t necessarily want perfection. They want real, they want valuable content that will truly help and they want to connect. You don’t need perfection to deliver that.  Take action, and adjust as you go. I’m still working on this one but I’m getting there.

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Red, white, or rose? 

Oh, man…do I have to pick just one!? I think my heart is with red, but in the summer there’s nothing better than a cold Sauv Blanc! I know this probably puts me in the crazy category but I am just now warming up to Rose. 

When I dance I look like…. 

Hmmm…I wanna say I look like J Lo, but I probably look like Carlton.

Tell us about a Babe who has supported you?

My girlfriend Sammi. She has been there since day one of starting my business. We didn’t really know in what capacity but we just knew we wanted to work together and she was literally willing to help with anything (definitely saved me from a mental breakdown or two along the way)! It started out as taking on any little task from tech support to helping with some of the behind the scenes of the blog. Now she takes my photos and is helping me with the design of a new program I’m working on and a number of other things – our goal is to bring her on full time one of these days! But I seriously don’t’ know what I’d do without her!

Who do you channel when you’re about to do something that scares you?

My Parents – I can hear my dad saying “Turn that nervousness into positive energy!” which he used to always tell me when I’d get nervous before a big soccer game. They taught me that what scares you is often what makes you grow and remembering this gives me that extra push when I need it most. 

What is your favorite destination to visit?

This is a hard one! Hawaii – cause my sis lives there, and how could you not.  

Europe is also way up there. I love the lifestyle (and the food) there so much!

The Galapagos Islands were definitely one of the most beautiful and unique places I’ve ever been. Sorry, that’s three…honestly, I just love experiencing new places and cultures and find they all have something different to offer so it’s hard to pick a fave! 

What is your favorite meal to eat?

This one’s really hard for me to pick just one! But I’d say Sushi and tuna poke are way up there for sure.

What is the most fulfilling part of your career?

Getting to connect with people and be a part of such an intimate part of their lives! There is so much emotion, good and bad, that can surround food. When I’m able to get someone excited about cooking, feel less stressed about how to nourish their bodies or find a more balanced relationship with food, it truly makes my heart so full!

Where is your favorite place to draw inspiration from?

I think travel in general. I love trying new food and the whole experience that  a meal brings in a new place – connecting with a new culture, sharing a meal with someone you love, learning about a new ingredients or cooking techniques – all of which inspire more mindful eating (and mindfulness in general) and an appreciation for what food can do for us body, mind and soul!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Salt and Vinegar Chips…well chips in general and Cookies & Cream Ice Cream! But no guilt there, its all about the balance.

What quality are you working on yourself right now?

Letting go of fear and trusting that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

What is the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome in business? 

Trusting my gut. I went to school for nutrition – it was all science and food, we didn’t learn anything about business or marketing. So although I felt confident in my abilities as a dietitian, I almost trusted other people more than myself in terms of how I should run my business. Through some trial and error and what felt like big failures at the time, I learned that no one knows my business better than me, and most importantly, the values that I want my business to encompass. It can definitely take time to get to the right resources and people to support you along the way but when you listen, your gut is always right!

Coffee meeting or drinks meeting?

I’ll take either 😊

If you’re going out for a cocktail you’d order…

A Margarita… which might lead to just a shot of tequila.

If you had an unlimited budget for 2 hours shopping where would you go?

I like to have variety so probably Nordstrom – a little bit of everything there.

What is your favorite movie?

I don’t know what my favorite movie is right now, I have a hard time sitting through a full movie without getting distracted. Haha. So I’m gonna go with an old classic here, my first favorite movie, Beauty and the Beast.

Keep up with Lindsay on Instagram @lindsaypleskot
Introduction written by Lindsay Pearce
Photography by Ryan Pugsley 


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