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I can’t believe one full year has passed since we launched The Babe List! It feels like it was yesterday that the idea hit pen to paper, and I cannot imagine Brunette the Label without The Babe List. Although it was originally created to showcase how many incredible babes are doing big things with the help of a team of #babessupportingbabes behind them, I feel it has grown into so much more. We have created so many new amazing friendships and built a community in such a short amount of time. It is so inspiring to see how many different people connect to what babes supporting babes is and to witness the movement out there that we feel so grateful to be a small part of. I realize that there is so much more to do, there are so many more babes to feature and so many more people to meet and inspire us. We are so excited to see what the next year has in store for all of us and to continue to grow together. Here, we chronicle the past year of babes and what babes supporting babes means to them. 


For me, Babes Supporting Babes is a lifestyle. It is where you choose to support others and help them grow without it being about yourself. It is the mentality that there is room enough for everyone, and to be proud and supportive of everyone’s different choices and not be judgmental. It is to remove jealousy or insecurity and not feel worried about competition but rather embrace and work together. Choosing to be kind.


Courtney: It means being egoless and vulnerable in a way that allows you to truly collaborate with those that share the same values as you do, and collectively create a greater impact together. It’s something powerful for sure.
Christina: It means a meaningful movement.
This is when women decide to work with each other, opposed to against each other. If it’s business, I am surrounded by incredibly motivated and supportive women in all directions. If it’s personal life, I am inspired by my friends, that choose to live positively inspiring lives. Collaboration over competition, we can all succeed if we support one another. If it’s family, I look to my mom and sister as GOALS for balancing lives with children. All of these people help form ideals of all of the people I strive to be, depending on what I’m wearing at any given time.
It means creating an environment in which all women you interact with feel a sense of encouragement and love. It's inspiring fellow babes to be whoever and whatever makes them the happiest and best version of themselves!

To me, it means embracing those who inspire your ambitions, expressing mutual encouragement and showing appreciation and gratitude to those who make an impact on your life. 

A “Babe” to me is someone who is secure enough in themselves that they’re willing to make room for others to join in the fun and success. Babes to me can be women or men, who are willing to help, give advice or encouragement to others who are hustling and trying to reach their goals.
Babes supporting babes means empowerment for all women to me! Collaboration is so much stronger than competition :) 
Babes supporting babes means an unspoken and unconditional level of support for the women in my personal and professional life. It means being honest about our imperfections and knowing that we’re not alone. As a working mother, it’s validation that all the insanity is totally normal. It means knowing I can always show up as myself, that I won’t be judged, that I’m wholly and completely accepted just the way I am.
Women empowerment is something that means a lot to me, knowing that you’ve got women by your side championing what you do gives you the confidence and support to succeed and reach new highs you never thought were ever possible. This is something that’s really helped me as an independent business woman but also an instructor, seeing familiar faces in my class day in day out gives me life!
It means to look at other successful females as inspiration instead of intimidation. What I have learned over the past years is that being kind and supportive always wins in the end.

I listened to a wonderful podcast the other day where someone said “Remember to treat everyone that you meet as if they’ve had a broken heart” which really resonated to me because we never know what is happening to people who we meet in our day, but it is important to remember to treat others the way we want to be treated, and being a babe, to me, means exactly that – being kind & respectful to everyone we meet, even if they aren’t that way towards us.



I listened to a wonderful podcast the other day where someone said “Remember to treat everyone that you meet as if they’ve had a broken heart” which really resonated to me because we never know what is happening to people who we meet in our day, but it is important to remember to treat others the way we want to be treated, and being a babe, to me, means exactly that – being kind & respectful to everyone we meet, even if they aren’t that way towards us.



Fanning the flames of women with that special spark.


Babes who support babes are inclusive and focus on lifting each other up, rather than tearing each other down. A supportive babe is loyal, driven and constantly strives to do better for herself and those around her.



For me, Babes Supporting Babes means showing each other love - not hate, bringing each other up - not down, and encouraging instead of competing. We are all made different and in a world where we have enough issues to deal with daily, we owe it to ourselves, and to one another to stick together.



Babes supporting babes means looking out for each other, showing each other our best sides, and working together in a genuine way to make the world a friendlier, happier place! It’s about empowering and empowered women.



‘Babes supporting babes’ means lifting others up instead of bringing them down. It can be the tiniest thing, I’ve started to give compliments to girls who are strangers and their so appreciative, I love it. I truly believe we’re in an era that’s going to change the world so the more we come together as women and support each other, the better it is for us all.



Courtney: It means supporting, empowering and encouraging women to be their best self, and holding them accountable!

Kate: It means collaboration over competition, empowering the women in your life, and creating a support network.

Carly: Success, of any kind, is so much sweeter when shared with a fellow babe. I love the quote 'we rise by lifting others', which means supporting one another through collaboration, generosity, kindness and celebration.


Empower women to be confident in developing their own self identity.


AAAH the most! Relative to work, career, ambition and opportunity, this is the ultimate. In a competitive landscape, with all that comes with being a woman in today’s workforce, it is so incredibly refreshing to be supported by other women! On a personal level, it’s the women in my life who make me laugh and cry on a daily basis. 


"Babes supporting babes" represents the power and movement of women supporting women through our individual platforms.  Women best succeed and prosper when we support and encourage each other rather than critique and try to bring each other down.  Supporting each other's success and encouraging each other through the challenges is the best way to find personal success and fulfillment.


To me, it means encouraging women in whatever way possible in an effort to build and support one another vs. compete.


For me, it means to exude positive energy to ALL. To let go of your own ego and shine a light on others so they feel as though they have not gone unnoticed, this could be with a compliment, encouragement, to inspire, or maybe just a simple smile to a stranger on the street who looks like their having a bad day.


Babes Supporting Babes means you have no judgment, no matter who you come across you are there to support and spread positive vibes!


Empowering, supporting and never judging the women in your life. We’re all in this together and we all have our own path and each path is important and unique. A quote that recently resonated with me by Maya Angelou is Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women.


Babes supporting babes means to me that women are raising each other up. It’s about seeing the best in each other and embracing others successes and embracing each other when we fail.  It’s so important to see the greatness in one another and not pick apart others to make yourself feel better. I am incredibly blessed to be surrounded by some amazing woman in my family that have been incredible role models for me. Be courageous and be kind are always words I try to live by.


Giving advice, sharing your knowledge and helping a colleague, friend or peer without fearing they will steal your spotlight. Giving back by mentoring - we all started out in the same place.


To me, it just means that we all need all the help we can get when we are challenging ourselves to go places that make us feel vulnerable. We’ve all been there, so why not lend a helping hand or ask for one?


I love this philosophy - I think we can all have a tendency to be a little too competitive in so many areas of life - whether it’s professional, relationships, or physical appearance. Babes supporting babes flips the script on that and reminds us to see other’s success as a source of inspiration, rather than jealousy or competition. 


To me, everyone is a babe. As you guys say ‘we are all babes’. It’s about living in your own unique truth. Not comparing or compromising or trying to be something you’re not but really just loving who you are and knowing life is a process of the unveiling of that beauty, that perfection. Now I know it isn’t this simple, I’ve fallen into these traps before and still do, but i believe it’s about the journey of coming back to yourself,  your inner babe, and seeing what truly matters to you. Who do you want to be with in this world and what is the change you want to make with your voice. Who are the people you want to uplift by your side and the women you want your daughters to have the opportunity to be. 


In my life I look to women I admire for inspiration. Supporting each other means we need to be open to understanding and educating ourselves on the work being done and the lives being lived by women that may not mirror our own life experience. It’s about making sure that we stand with one another and promote equality for all women. It's also about knowing when to listen so that the voices of women that don’t have certain platforms, or come from certain privileges, can also be amplified.


Babes supporting babes means being confident enough in yourself to encourage and mentor others. We all started somewhere and it’s so important to make sure you’re contributing to the community of female entrepreneurs by nurturing new talent. It also means showing up – go to the pop-up opening or the stand at a local artisan’s market to show your support.


To me, babes supporting babes means always choosing collaboration over competition, choosing to support and uplift one another and encouraging each other to be the best babe we can be.


To me, babes supporting babes means always choosing collaboration over competition, choosing to support and uplift one another and encouraging each other to be the best babe we can be.


Empowering babes to live their best life. Refraining from comparison, competition & judgment. Surrounding yourself around supportive people who uplift you & encourage you to pursue your dreams. 

“Real queens fix each other’s crowns.”


To me, it’s a community. It’s a kindness, a support system, a celebration and a trust between women. 


Jigme: We rise by lifting others! Babes supporting babes means women supporting other women and cheering them on in all their endeavors, and genuinely being happy for them when they succeed. 

Courtney: Support and encouragement! It's nice to see a shift and instead of the catty back talk, I am seeing women reaching out and helping each other. 


It means holding space for each human to be enough in who they are. To listen, to hold, to learn. 


To me, it means embracing those who inspire your ambitions, expressing mutual encouragement and showing appreciation and gratitude to those who make an impact on your life. 


I believe that being a true leader means that you lift up those around you. Babes supporting babes means, to me, that we are empowered to raise others to a higher place. We discover that we can all achieve our goals and succeed. Remember, there is plenty of room at the top! Someone else shinning does not dim your own light. 


To me, this means collaboration over competition. Looking at the world through a lens of abundance rather than scarcity. When you join forces with the babes you have a lot more momentum than you would on your own. You foster this awesome environment of helping each other. It’s not as lonely and it’s way more fun!


Inspiring everyone to be their best, and being inspired in return.


It means lifting, collaborating, building, and innovating. It means respecting each other’s ideas and helping each other grow. 


I feel that we all have a responsibility to each other and ourselves to be authentic. Giving kindness and support to others allows our hearts to open, so we can reflect that kindness onto ourselves, to be the best we can be for each other. There is more than enough success and opportunity to go around, and we are stronger together. Babes supporting babes, babes! 


Shannon: In Beyoncé’s words: WHO RUN THE WORLD GIRLS!! 

Pooja: To me, it means women supporting women, regardless of what’s going in the world, what you may personally believe in, and despite society influencing us to compete with one another.


It’s about being kind, open and curious. When you’re in a place of curiosity and kindness, it’s so much easier to see people where they’re at. When you’re able to feel them, you’ll understand what they need, and vice versa.



Katrina: Women genuinely caring about each other`s success and encouraging one another.

Caroline: That as a woman, someone has my back and vice versa. 


To me, it means women (and men!) supporting each other, both in business and in our personal lives. Whether that happens in the form of purchasing something from another woman’s business to help support it, offering to babysit for a few hours or simply sending a text letting them know that you are thinking about them, being part of a community and supporting each other is what comes to mind when I hear that! 


You don’t have to blow out another candle’s flame in order to let yours shine.


“Who Run the World? GIRLS!”  Beyonce nailed it when she said this but we can only do it successfully when we do it together.  When women stop competing and start supporting and collaborating with one another, WE MAKE MAGIC.  Some of the most important moments in history (The Famous 5, Me Too, Women Wage Peace March, Black Lives Matter) were the result of women coming together to create change.  Somewhere along the way, we started to believe that there was only room for some at the top.  That’s just ego.  There is room for everyone so start holding hands and we’ll do it together, better. 


There is enough room for everyone to succeed alongside each other, to always uplift and support people in doing what feels right for them, even if it's not necessarily what you would do personally. Everyone has their own individual meanings of success and happiness. 


It means community, love, working towards a greater good, showing up real, unfiltered and truly supporting eachother in that. When I think about it, I picture my friends and I drinking wine, sharing a blanket and crying and laughing, in that order.

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