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The "PEBBLE GREY" Scrunchie | Chelsea King x BTL


Designer: BRUNETTE The Label


This up-cycle collaboration with Chelsea King stemmed from an effort to eliminate waste by repurposing slightly imperfect garments into the perfect collaborative hair tie.  Using our signature cotton and poly blend, crew neck sweatshirts and hoodies, we have created one-of-a-kind scrunchies that are as cozy and comfy as our sweatshirt is known for.  Including stitches and prints, or both, born on the original garment, each scrunchie is cut straight from the sweatshirts giving each piece its own special uniqueness.

Please Note: Each piece is different from the next! With this upcycle initiative some pieces have imperfections in the sublimation of the printing and some will have stitching from different sections of the sweater, which all creates a fantastic vintage style.  Each piece is beautifully unique!  

Not only do these scrunchies contribute to slow fashion and sustainable shopping, they also support another great cause.  A portion of proceeds from the sale of each scrunchie goes to support the BC Women's Health Foundation, an organization passionately advocating for women's health and dedicated to the pursuit of equitable investment models in health, research, policy, and practice.

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